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Devoted to sustaining and advancing the art of woodturning...

A proud chapter of the American Association of Woodturners

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            Author                                                             Title
1.         Robert Sorby                                                    Eccentric Chuck Projects       
2.         Dick Sing/DonnaBaker                                   Turning Ornaments & Eggs   
3.         Ron Hampton                                                  Woodturners guide to veneer inlays  
4.         Nick Arnull                                                       Contemporary Woodturning  
5.         Lora Irish                                                          Great Book of Woodturning 
6.         Hillary Bowen                                                  Decorative Techniques for Woodturners       
7.         Keith Rowley                                                    Woodturning   A Foundation Course
8.         Bob Neill                                                           Step by Step Pyrography       
9.         Mark Baker                                                      Woodturning Projects A Workshop Guide to Shapes
10.       Ann & Bob Phillips                                         Make Money from Woodturning       
11.       Bill Bowers                                                      Basics of Turning Spirals       
12.       Patric Spielman                                              The Art of the Lathe  
13.       R.C. Bell                                                           Fun at the Lathe         
14.       Bernard Hohlfeld                                          Turning Natural Edge Bowls 
15.       Dale Nish                                                        Woodturning with Ray Allen
16.       Ellsworth                                                         Ellsworth on Woodturning    
17.       Robert Chapman                                           Woodturning   A Fresh Approach
18.       W.C. Stevens                                                  Woodbending Handbook      
19.       Dick Sing                                                         Projects for Mini Lathes        
20.       Dale Nish                                                        Master Woodturners  
21.       John Hunnex                                                  Woodturning   A Source Book of Shapes
22.       Mark Baker                                                     Wood for Woodturners         
23.       Jeff Jewitt                                                         Great Wood Finishes 
24.       John Hunnex                                                   Woodturning   Forms & Materials
25.       Assn.of Woodturners of Great Britian        Wonder in Wood        The Art of the Woodturners
26.       Bruce Woods & David Schoomaker            The Birdhouse Book  
27.       Chris Stott                                                       Turned Boxes 
28.       Lora Irish                                                         Great Book of Celtic Designs
29.       Dick Sing                                                          Dick Sing turns Miniature Birdhouses           
30.       A.B. Petrow                                                     Marketing your Woodcraft   
31.       Reg Sherwin                                                    Pleasure & Profit from Woodturning
32.       Kip Christensen & Rex Burningham           Turning Pens & Pencils          
33.       Barry Gross                                                     Pen Turners Workbook          
34.       Michael Cullen                                                Tops   
35.       Richard Riffan                                                 Turning Wood
36.       Dale Nish                                                         Creative Woodturning           
37.       Woodturning Magazine                                Useful Woodturning Projects
38.       Michael O’Donnell                                         Turning Green Wood 
39.       Ray Key                                                            Woodturning with Ray Key  
40.       H.P. Mera                                                        Pueblo Designs          
41.       Chris Pye                                                         Carving on Turning    
42.       Lois Keener Ventura                                     Bandsaw Boxes         
43.       Alan & Gill Bridgewater                                Power Tool Woodcarving      
44.       Denny Rogers                                                 Illustrated Bald Eagle
45.       Roger Cliffe & Michael Holtz                        Shaper Handbook      
46.       Fine Woodwoking                                          Ingenious Jigs & Shop Accessories   
47.       Lon Schleining                                                Treasure Chests: The Legacy of Extraordinary Boxes
48.       Jim Tolpin                                                        The Toolbox Book     
49.       Anthony Guidice                                            Tables 
50.                                                                                 Woodcraft of the World        
51.       Patrick & Patricia Spielman                          Scroll Saw Patterns    
52.        Thos. Moser’s                                                 Measured Shop Drawings      
53.       Time Life Books                                              Routing & Shaping    
54.       Mario Rodriguez                                             Building Fireplace Mantels  

55.       Dale Nish                                                         Artistic Woodturning

56.       Jane & Arthur Mason                                     Turning Wood Into Art

57.       Tony Boase                                                      Board Turning Techniques

58.       David Springett                                               Woodturning Magic

59.       Terry Martin / Kevin Wallace                         New Masters of Woodturning

60.       Tony Boase                                                      Woodturning Master Class

61.       Dale  L. Nish                                                     Creative Woodturning

62.       Richard Raffan                                                The Art of Turned Bowls

63.       Allan Hayes / John Blom                                Southwestern Pottery