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9:00 AM - 2nd Saturday of the month

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9:00 AM - 12:00 PM most Thursdays


520 Collins Way

​Montrose, CO

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Len Cribbs 970-986-2550


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PRESIDENT:                  Len Cribbs      

VICE-PRESIDENT:         Carolyn Mangold                

SECRETARY:                  Debra Houts           

TREASURER:                 Al Warnock       


LIBRARIAN:                      Carolyn Mangold

SAFETY OFFICER:         Bill Marvel            

​Terry Lowell

Bill Maness

Carolyn Mangold

Bill Marvel
Paul McDermott
Allen Monroe
Mark Mooney

Del Morgan

Rusty Olson

Ricky Patterson

Pat Pitz

John Renzelman
Dave Rugen

Richard Sprankle

Al Warnock

Eagle  Head Canes

Dating back to the civil war, when soldiers would come home (many with leg injuries), their neighbors would carve a cane for them bearing an eagle head on top to honor their service.    The tradition was revived by a woodworking group in New England in 2004.  The idea spread across the nation.  In Montrose, Montrose Area Woodworkers and area woodcarvers work together to create the canes in honor of our local veterans.    Since 2012, over 200 canes have been presented. Applications for the canes are available through Friendship Hall.

Devoted to sustaining and advancing the art of woodturning...

A proud chapter of the American Association of Woodturners and Member of Montrose Center for the Arts.

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